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Часть 5.

This is also the step where we are using the leftover half-square triangles from Part 3.  If you are making the small quilt you should have 100 of these left over.  If you are making the large quilt -- there should be 244 of these waiting for you to play with!


Split Triangle Unit!

For the SMALL quilt you will need 100 Split Triangle Units
For the LARGE quilt you will need 244 Split Triangle Units.

Units will measure 3-1/2” and finish at 3” in the quilt.

*NOTE* please be sure when making these that your YELLOW triangle pointing toward the blue, and the orange triangle is pointing toward the outer corner of the block!

For the video on cutting half-square triangles with the Easy Angle ruler, please review Part 3.

CelticSolstice 115

2” strips right sides together!

For this step, we WANT to create mirror image so that we have left wing triangles and right wing triangles.

The notches where the missing dog ear is will help line everything up.  To do this we need to cut with two strips right sides together.

CelticSolstice 116

Use the 2” line on the ruler to cut the strip set into matched pairs, each pair having a left and a right wing triangle.

For the small quilt, cut 100 pairs (200 individual triangles)
For the large quilt, cut 244 pairs (488 individual triangles)

If you are using regular rotary cutting measurements, you will cut your squares at 2-3/8” and slice them on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles from each square.

CelticSolstice 125

Cutting blue triangles  with the Easy Angle Ruler from 3-1/2” strips!

For the small quilt you will need 100 large blue triangles.
For the large quilt you will need 244 large blue triangles.

It doesn’t matter whether these are cut right sides together –all will have one missing dog ear Smile

If you are using regular rotary cutting methods, you will cut 3-7/8" squares from your blue fabrics, and slice those on the diagonal to yield two triangles from each square.

CelticSolstice 133

Our pieces will fit together in this configuration.  Notice the notched corners on the neutral triangles toward the center.  Remember the yellow triangle points toward the blue one!

CelticSolstice 134

Setting up to sew.

The first thing I’m going to do is flip the upper right neutral triangle with right sides together against the yellow/orange half-square unit like this:

CelticSolstice 135

Do NOT over shoot your seam here!  After sewing with me the past several weeks, your seam should be where it needs to be.  It is supposed to be a bit scant!

CelticSolstice 136

Press the seam toward the neutral triangle just added.  Next we’ll add the second neutral triangle…see how the notched corner will align with the tiny dog ear corner ? Don’t trim that dog year yet.  Use it for lining up the second triangle.

CelticSolstice 137

Sew this seam and press the seam out toward the second triangle added!

CelticSolstice 138

When you open it up, your unit should have a straight hypotenuse on the diagonal edge, with just a BIT to trim of that tiny dog ear.  Now you can snip it off.

Marvel at the fact that you DO have 1/4” depth beyond the yellow triangle and will NOT be chopping off the corner in the next seam.  YAY!

I want to caution against over-pressing these.  Handle them like they are fragile.  There is bias and heavy pressing can distort.  I just finger press these.  Yes, I do a lot of finger pressing instead of mashing my units with an iron bigger than the unit itself!

CelticSolstice 139

Oh happy day!  They are the same size!

The best way to test your pieced unit is to measure it against the solid triangle you have cut from the 3-1/2” strip.  If it fits – it ships!  If your pieced triangle is too small – the only thing it can be is that your seam is too hefty.  Skinny it down a thread or two.  The blue triangle will be missing one dog ear, and your pieced unit will have TWO intact dog ears, but don’t worry about it..they will all be snipped after we sew the next seam!

CelticSolstice 140

Your line of stitching should cross just to the right of the X where seams cross.  If you sew directly through the X you may lose the point in the seam due to bulk.  Be just one thread to the right of that X here!

Did you notice my lovely scissors?  These are a pair of wonderful Dovo snips I brought home from Munich!  The scissor shop was directly across the street from our hotel.  I LOVE THEM!  And what a special memento!

CelticSolstice 141

Don’t over mash these with the iron either!  BE GENTLE!  Press seam allowance toward the blue triangle.

CelticSolstice 142

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