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     Some go down, some go up, and when put together they make Chevrons!
In this clue we will be using our yellows, our neutrals and our greens. 

Units will measure 3-1/2” and finish at 3” in the quilt.

The Small Quilt needs 100 Chevron units. 

For the SMALL quilt cut:
200 2” X 3-1/2” green rectangles
200 2” neutral squares
200 2” yellow/gold squares

The LARGE quilt needs 244 Chevron units.

For the LARGE quilt cut:
488 2” X 3-1/2” green rectangles
488 2” neutral squares
488 2" yellow/gold squares

CelticSolstice 072

Pieces for ONE Chevron unit.

For each Chevron unit you will need 2 green rectangles, 2 yellow squares, and 2 neutral squares.

CelticSolstice 073

Marking Diagonal Line

CelticSolstice 074

Square placement for one downhill and one uphill Chevron halves.

There are many reasons WHY I mark my diagonal lines.  The biggest reason isn't  that I can’t sew straight to save my life ((which is TRUE!!)) but that I need a visible line so I can sew just to the RIGHT of that line so that when I fold my triangle up, the drawn line ends up just on TOP of my thread.  This makes allowance for the thread in the seam so that my folded corner will reach all the way to the edges of my rectangle.

If you have done the diagonal sew and flip method before and have always been a bit ticked that your corners never seemed to reach the edges of your base unit – this is likely why. The fabric will fold up from off the LEFT side of your thread.  You need the line to end up on TOP of the thread, so we sew right next to it like this:

CelticSolstice 075

Needle placement just barely to the RIGHT of the line ((The CUT OFF side))

See the left edge of the needle kiss the right edge of the drawn line? THIS is what you want!

CelticSolstice 076

Fold corners back after sewing to make sure that they reach the edge of your base rectangles before snipping excess fabric.  If they reach where they are supposed to – snip an approximate 1/4” from the stitching as shown.  I do this with scissors, I find it to be faster, and don’t have to be standing at a mat!

These little corners are perfect for your Pineapple Crazy quilt centers from my book String Fling if you have one started ---At the current time I am not saving them because I have boxes and boxes, and these are on the small side.  I would save them as bonus triangles if I were working with 2-1/2” squares, but these are only 2” so the bonus is quite tiny.  You choose if you want to save them or not!

CelticSolstice 077

Trimmed and ready to add the yellow corners next!

CelticSolstice 078

Match the drawn angles with the angles of the previous stitching!

Stitch these as you did the neutral squares – keeping your stitching just barely to the right of the drawn line.  Snip excess corners.

CelticSolstice 079

Pressing!  Two Up and Two Down!

Do you see that the left hand Down-hill Chevron has both seams pointing up? And the right hand Up-hill half has both pointing down?  This is so seams will easily nest and eliminate bulk.

Place halves with right sides together and sew with 1/4” seam joining halves together. 

CelticSolstice 083

Press center seam open!

Units will measure 3-1/2” and finish at 3” in the quilt.

ЧЧаCelticSolstice 081

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